Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 9, Thing #23

Hopefully I am in just under the wire for the drawing deadline. I would love to have a new digital camera. We already have a Wii. I LOVED this program except for the pressure I felt to make the time to complete it. I am definitely going to pursue some of these things further and look into the 43 things. It was a little depressing for me to realize how out of touch and old-fashioned I am in today's world and know that I will Never probably catch up. There is a whole huge world out there that I didn't even know existed or at least how to enter into it without looking foolish. I wonder if patrons would sign up for some of these Tutorials. Maybe the BCPL could sponsor a series of workshops for the public. Thanks for introducing me to all of this and helping me to get started on this journey. I am currently reading "How Starbucks Saved My Life" and each chapter begins with a quote from the side of a cup.
Chapter 1 "The humble improve." - Wynton Marsalis
Chapter 3 "The human catalysts for dreamers are the teachers and encouragers that dreamers encounter throughout their lives. So here's a special thanks to all the teachers." Kevin Carroll, a Starbucks guest

Week 9, Thing #22

I had never looked into the audiobooks before but a friend told me it can be pretty complicated and now I know why. I checked out "Kabul Beauty School" by Deborah Rodriguez. I have been wanting to read it and I know it is not too long so it would be a good first choice. I generally love the TALK CD books. But then I had to do the downloads of the Overdrive and Windows Media player. My mind just glazes over with all of the geek stuff. I have no idea of the capacity of my computer and all of that stuff. I will get my husband to assist me later this evening. I was not impressed with the titles available at first glance but I will look further later on that also. I am not sure if I will be able to figure out how to burn a CD of the book. It would be so simple to have ipods in the mix.

Week 9, Thing #21

I think the Podcasts are very interesting but just so many to sort through and figure out which ones would be worthwhile. I liked the Yahoo Podcast directory the best but they have a statement saying they are closing down that site soon. I added the Simon & Schuster Podcast to my Bloglines feeds. There was another site called "Authors on Tour" with Podcasts of authors reading from their latest books. I had trouble getting this into my Bloglines account so I just hit the RSS Feed button and it went into my Internet Explorer Favorites feeds. I think libraries could make some of these more interesting book reviews, author appearances, etc. available to the patrons and it might spur some interest in books that might not be so visible in the mainstream media.

Week 9, Thing #20

I view YouTube videos all of the time. This is one of my favorites of a mom singing all of the "Momisms" in 2 or 3 minutes to the 1812 Overture.
We hardly ever watch tv so if we miss something interesting we search for it on Youtube and catch it in replay (ie: Junior Miss contestant with the geography question and the astounding catch made in the Little League World Series semi-finals)
I am not sure how libraries can use Youtube - it seems more like a fun thing and I have to be careful when my kids are around. You really cannot tell what is in some of the videos and thatis what I dislike the most about the site.

Week 8, Thing #19

I eplored the lulu site under books and it was not at all what I thought it would be. Very interesting. I create photo books on the Shutterfly website as gifts snd they have been wonderful but I have been exploring Creative Memories and My Publisher also. lulu has a photo book creator and it sounds easy and may offer more features. Unfortunately it is hard to compare prices until you've already started a project. I also explored upcoming under the events category. I did not find any Baltimore County Public Library events listed anywhere. Worcester Library had one or two events. It made me realize that I never use hardcopy to find movies, concerts, etc. anymore and I wonder if BCPL's Calendar of Events is available online anywhere. How do these Event registries get their info and listings?

Week 8, Thing #18

I created a ZOHO account and I read through the Zoho Intro. It has a lot of great benefits. Unfortunately I am not a trained user of Word (I am self-taught). I am not all that comfortable using someof the features and I don't know all of the shortcuts. I saved a short document on my Zoho account but could not figure out how to save it in My Documents. I would definitely need some help using this tool.

Week 7, Thing 17

I posted some of my favorite things on the Sandbox Wiki. I think I will definitely use the Wiki thing in the future. How do you find all this stuff out there? I think my Book Club could use this as a tool and my family (they are spread out all over the country). I think the Wiki would be easier to use than the Blog for a family situation. I found a great recipe for Chocolate Truffles on the Princeton Library Wiki. I just made Truffles yesterday with a different recipe.